we are trying to keep the price of the albums the same for everyone around the world.
if you are buying from overseas please contact us with the contact button on the home/front page of this site. this is so we can work out the shipping cost.
if you are buying from anywhere far far away from the uk contact us and we will work out a cheaper price for the albums.

position normal cassette. album £5
we will also send you the digital files so you can hear the original tape hiss.

if you have a colour preference then please mention which.

stop your nonsense. album.
art by lizzie finn.
download only. cd sold out

goodly time. album Vinyl, CD. £5.
the liberians ep. 10" vinyl
sold out.
the bugger sod empire. 10" vinyl sold out.
stop your nonsense. album.
first pressing on 45rpm yellow vinyl,CD.
download only. cd sold out
if you want the eley kishimoto silk screen vinyl sleeve please contact us through the contact button on this sites home page for the price. only 30 of them.

the bugger sod sampler. vinyl. Lissy's Records.


the bugger sod horse hospital flyer


Nostrils and eyes. 7" vinyl
sold out.